5 Simple steps to follow to get a personal loan.

Loans help in providing financial aid to people in times of need. The lender grants the loan based on whether the applicant has the capacity to pay the amount back or not. It depends on the financial background and securities.

These loans are lent with a fixed rate of interest for a fixed duration. The loans with collaterals are known as secured loans while those without collaterals are called unsecured loans. There are some good at money lending in ang mo Kio lenders available.

Various types of loans

There are different types of loans available for different purposes such as:

  • Mortgage
  • Medical loan
  • Student loan
  • Personal loan

The most common and easily accessible type of loan is the personal loan.

Personal loan

A personal loan is a more popular loan type because it gives one the freedom to use it as required. There is no tag of the purpose for which the money has been lent. It is not specific. It is available at a low ROI. Also, there is the flexibility of choosing the tenure for repayment of the principal.

To get a loan, there are some procedures including documents, forms, details, etc. The process of availing a personal loan can be accomplished in 5 simple steps.

Evaluate your requirement

It is important to know the amount you need and its purpose, before getting a loan. Ensure the reason for the loan amount as it helps to plan better.

What amount are you eligible for?

Criteria such as the collateral type, and loan type decide whether you are eligible to get the expected loan amount or not. The eligibility criteria also include your income. The money lender will analyze your income to check if you can repay the amount within the given time.

Know your Installments

Before getting a loan, check and calculate the monthly instalment you will have to pay. It is important to have a manageable amount and interest rate.

Compare with different Institutions

Banks always provide personal loans. However, one must compare the relevant variables with various banks and money lenders. Compare the factors such as interest rate, repayment tenure, etc. of all the available institutions.

Complete documentation

Keep all the documents ready that are required for a personal loan. It includes factors such as Social security number, Income, Address, ID proofs, etc. Ensure that all the details provided by you are correct and submitted on time.


There are a variety of loans available for different purposes. But a personal loan is the most common loan type and has simple steps to avail it. The above-mentioned points will help you with a hassle-free loan process.