Are you part of the 30-50% of the general population that has been suffering from insomnia?

Or is it worse for you as you happen to be a part of the 10% who suffer chronic insomnia? Then it is time to do something about it.

There are a lot of things you can do about insomnia.  buying a hyperbaric chamberYou can see a doctor for it because insomnia can be a symptom of different physical disorders. A doctor can asses your insomnia and may call it a “healthy” insomnia and then he can  prescribe drugs to help you sleep. Or the doctor may not even prescribe drugs and suggest different techniques to help you sleep.

Second, there is nothing like a hot bath to relax tense muscles and nerves. You can try taking a warm bath. Having a warm bath helps you relax. In taking a warm bath you can add bath salts, Epsom salts or baking soda as it helps you relax and also remove toxins out of your body.

Another way to treat insomnia is by having hyperbaric oxygen therapy especially when you are dealing with a chronic insomnia. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very safe because it only requires you to lie down inside a hyperbaric chamber for less than an hour. You can sleep or read a book while inside a hyperbaric chamber. It is indeed very safe.

I have just given you three tips to deal with your insomnia. You need three things: a doctor’s appointment, a warm bath, and when all else fails, hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I hope you try them all. Sleep tight!

By Richard
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