Best Tips on How to Become a Karaoke Jockey

Since the birth of karaoke singing, personal entertainment around the planet has never been the same. The trend that is called karaoke started in Kobe, Japan in the 1970s as a way for bars or clubs to give a chance to amateur singers to sing to recorded music and be able to entertain themselves.

When the rest of the world caught on, the karaoke machine underwent a series of transformations along with all things related to it and now see bars with karaoke jockeys. KJs or also known as karaoke emcee or host is the person who runs the show. He or she is the one who orders songs requested by karaoke singers based on a formula that he or she knows.

You can be a karaoke host too if you have the confidence to hold the microphone and you know how to entertain an audience. The next important thing that you must have is the technical know how such as setting up, operating, and trouble shooting the equipment because a lot of things can happen that need this kind of skill.

Whether you’re an ‘in house’ jockey who works in a bar or you own the bar yourself, it’s important that your music collection is extensive. Remember 풀싸롱 that in a party there are so many people who may request for songs in different genres.

Since you’re music collection is extensive you should have a system of arrangement that allows you to find for the right music in the shortest time possible. One tip is to arrange your songs by genre. You also need to have with you at all times, enough request slips, pens, and karaoke books.

Before starting any karaoke singing session, test all your equipment to see to it that they are functioning well. If you accept bookings to a different location, check your karaoke machine before leaving, you don’t want to ruin your client’s expectations by bringing in defective equipment.

A KJ must always arrive early at the venue whether the venue is the bar or somewhere else as what happens to ‘for-hires’. This is because you want to project the image that you are a professional at what you do and that you value the time of your clients.


By Richard
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