Checklist to ensure the right car delivery

Millions of people transport their cars from one location to another for a year. Automatic transportation companies take responsibility for sending your car without causing damage. They are professional who will manage transportation perfectly. However, for better car delivery, it is very important that you have to make sure certain things about your car.

Automatic transportation companies offer open and closed car transportation methods. You must select the shipping method. Next, they will also provide shipping options such as door to door and terminal-to-terminal. Here you also have to make option choices. The right information must be sought from the company before signing a contract. While ordering automatic shipping services, generally paid deposits. This deposit will range from 10 percent to 25 percent of the total shipping tariff. Deposit must be given before pickup and balance caused by shipping cars. You must ask about the payment options offered by the company.

Automatic transportation companies provide California Car Shippers insurance protection for your car against all damage that will occur during shipping. You must request a copy of the coverage details that will be saved with you. This will help understand the coverage and details that can be deducted if there is a problem. You must ensure that there are offers provided by the company must be made into writing. This will provide authenticity than oral words.

There are some important things you have to do before transportation vehicles. The main thing is to check your car clearly before shipping. The best thing to do is washing the car correctly because it will allow you to identify all the small details including scratches in your car. Any damage that must be considered clearly in the inspection report. Cars must be emptied of all goods and personal documents since the automatic transportation company will not be responsible for these items. In addition, additional items will increase the total weight of the vehicle. Every special effect like a spoiler or antenna must be removed so that it will not be damaged during transportation. If possible, turn on the mirror too.

It is recommended that you have to turn off the car alarm before handing over the key. The car sender doesn’t want to waste their time deactivating the alarm if you keep ringing. The gas tank must be dried to less than half the tank so that the sender can ensure the problem of safety and weight. You have to check tire air pressure and it will be better if you can go for oil changes. If your car has a leak, you must notify it to the previous driver because the car leaks cannot be loaded on the trailer.

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