Dating and Relationship Advice: How to Keep Your Romance Alive & Well

Congratulations if you’ve managed to weather the storms in your life and remain in a lasting relationship. Well done! You and your partner should enjoy closeness, comfort, compatibility, and communication. You may find that one of you can begin a sentence while the other can complete it. They flow well together.

You might be thinking, Yes, we did. Okay, let’s get on with it. There is still work to be done! You can do it! Although you have done a lot, there is still much to do. You must both work together to maintain your relationship in the right direction.trial separation checklist

These are five things that you can do right away:

  1. Your love is a privilege. Do not take your partner for granted.
  2. You can have interests apart from your partner and still do things together.
    It is crucial that you find things you both enjoy and continue doing them together. You should also pursue your interests on your own. Keep playing volleyball on Thursday nights with your friends. Keep your Friday night Seafood date going if you both love it. You should also have a few hobbies that you can do alone to ensure that you are meeting your own needs.
  3. Make time to discover new things together. What has your relationship been lacking? It could be travel. A new sport? You can travel the world and still play tennis. Day trips could be taken to different locations to play tennis. Combine both. You might want to take classes together. You might consider cooking or ballroom dancing.
  4. Talk like you used too Do you remember when you listened to every word your partner said? Do you remember listening to your partner’s every word? Stop chatting while you watch TV, or reading half-sentences over dinner. Listen to your partner and really listen. One small change can make all of the difference.
  5. Do it for you. Yes you! You can do whatever extras you did when you fell in love. These are not the old disco platform shoes. You can keep those shoes if you have to, but only for nostalgia. Look around and find areas where you can make improvements. Start making changes if there are. If you continue to make small changes, it will pay off big.

This is about expanding your horizons. You can think of things that you enjoy together as well as what you would do alone. Keep your relationship fresh by getting busy.


By Richard
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