Detail guide about Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000

It’s been 4 years since Pioneer DJ changed its CDJ characters. This strain has served as a leader in the DJ industry for over ten years, seen in every DJ booth around the world. That said, the market has changed since the release of the CDJ 2000 Nexus 2. And DJs have been eagerly awaiting Pioneers’ responses to their competitors, especially Denon DJ’s SC5000 and SC6000 models. With these two eager market and industry competitors waiting for Pioneer DJ’s downfall, have they worked hard enough with the new CDJ-3000 to make the wait worth it? Let us find out!

Pioneer DJ claims that the new process at the heart of the CDJ 3000 – PIONEER DJ CDJ 3000 – PIONEER CDJ 3000 is the most powerful of any player currently on the market. This makes the 3000 more versatile and highly functional. The processor also means that Pioneer DJ can bring new features to the device with the latest updates.

Pioneer DJ has carefully tested every aspect of the audio circuit and redesigned its equipment to achieve the best sound. Equipped with a new digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the new CDJ-3000 handles floating 96 kHz / 32-bit audio of all file formats. It boots up the sound quality of all audio files played by this player to give you the best listening experience!

The new processor at the heart of the CDJ-3000 also makes noise. Features such as all key sync and power key are hardware dependent.

Simply put, it’s the best sound Pioneer DJ has ever made! And you can control your voice more creatively than ever.

The new CDJ-3000 is designed around high performance and offers new components for popular operation. Specifically, eight new hot balls have now been placed horizontally below the screen.

The high skip button now allows DJs to skip the perfect soundtrack in real time with the potential to skip 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 tracks. The CDJ-3000 now includes an 8-bit loop button. Debris can also be opened from the screen to create polyrhythmic patterns.

Finally, the new Key Sync button moves the keys in harmony to match the key of the main bridge. The switch button on the screen allows for the first time the conversion on the CDJ range!

The new 9-inch touch screen that is the new CDJ-3000 is bigger, brighter and smarter than the previous screen fitted to the CDJ. Ideal for daytime events, the new screen is 150% brighter than the previous Nexus 2 model. As it grows, Pioneer DJ can add more DJ information and provide shortcuts to loops, maintain jumps and key movements.

Setting up the new CDJ 3000 will be immediately enjoyable for CDJ users, with the added benefit of adjusting the navigation pane to suit individual needs. You can also swipe large playlists and preview tracks directly from the navigation pane by touching the waveform. cumulative waveform
The waveforms on these new displays are now larger, with full support for the new 3-band waveforms first seen in Rekordbox 6. We find that the resolution of the new waveforms is slightly slower given the size of the fresh vegetables. That said, we welcome the addition of the new Stacked Waveform Watch.

Finally, DJs can preview games in progress on their headphones without the crowd hearing a thing. This system, called the touch cue, allows DJs to touch the playing wave process and preview the headphone segment. Perfect for listening to DJ lights continuously or when the sound is low! This now works with components that have the Link Cue option.

Improved design quality
aluminum front plate
Redesigned cue, play and hot cue buttons
New wheel with central LCD screen
With a new aluminum face, the CDJ 3000 features redesigned cue and play buttons that are stronger than their predecessors. The wheel jog now features a high-resolution center display, new bearings for smooth operation, and reduced latency for the toughest scratches. The smoothest, lightest jog wheel we’ve ever used is very close to the capacitive structure you’ll find on modern controllers.

All the well-designed are not surprising, with all the known “pioneer thinking”. The CDJ 3000 also holds the notch on the top plate where CD players are usually visible. It is a waste design option that the new player has no optical machine.

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