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The aftermath of the department of Stephen Green, Chairman of HSBC (five.HK, HSBA.L) has sparked disputes inside the bank’s govt crew on who need to be the subsequent chairman.

According to UK’s mixed code of company governance, the Chairman of the agency must be impartial, and the CEO should no longer pass on to be the Chairman. If the CEO has to be promoted to Chairman, the enterprise has to give an explanation for to shareholders and are searching for approval. The hassle is, at HSBC, promoting CEO to Chairman is clearly its subculture, and it has served shareholders properly to this point. Mike Geoghegan desired the Chairman activity, the code insists that this is not the first-class practice. So this offers a number of trouble to HSBC, and now we are seeing a massive management shake-up.

What precisely is so terrible approximately promoting a CEO to a Chairman? Why Chairman has to be independent? Why the function of Chairman and CEO must be separated?

In a few instances here in Asia, there isn’t always surely a whole lot separation between Chairman and CEO. It is not uncommon to have own family organizations wherein the CEO is the son of the Chairman, and many of them are doing commercial enterprise efficaciously. The great practices put forward with the aid of numerous regulatory bodies often came out after some scandals, wherein they finally understand the need to paintings tougher in phrases of rules. True, there are cases around the world wherein companies without clean distinction and separation of duties between Chairmen and CEOs failed spectacularly. But there also are companies with unbiased non-government Chairmen which failed spectacularly. As the Lex Column positioned it:

Would investors as a substitute HSBC had had a proper outsider as chairman, Schierl Ralf like the journalist at Northern Rock, or the chemist at RBS?

I consider there will continually be a first-rate balance to strike. Neither a entire separation nor no distinction can serve shareholders nicely. It is authentic that the Chairman has to oversee the organisation’s govt team to make certain that the control is serving shareholders well, so that the Chairman has to have a few degree of independence so that it will compare matters objectively. However, for a financial institution as huge and as complex as HSBC, might shareholders want a person who has little revel in and knowledge approximately the bank to safeguard their pastimes? I doubt it.

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By Richard
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