Facebook emoticon extension: really very expressive

If you are one of those people who have a large social circle and spend enough time on social networks to keep in touch with your friends, you know the enormous effort that is required to respond to all comments, likes and replies. Emoticons are great for addressing this problem, as you can click on a particular emotion and the image representing that emotion is placed as an answer. Called Emoji for Facebook, this is an extension for your browser that links to your Facebook comments and allows you to add one of these emoticons to your comments. This is great for all Facebook users as they had to manually create an emoticon to express their happiness and that was all they could do to express their emotions.

Emoticons really describe your emotions better than words.

If you are a Google Chrome user, Emoticons for Facebook becomes your first extension that helps you to place emoticons while posting comments on Facebook. There are also versions for those who use Firefox and Safari and all these extensions for different browsers are completely free. The word Emoji comes from the Japanese language, where it means emoticons that are mysmiley used in Japan to express various feelings or emotions. After downloading and adding this extension to your browser, you will be able to see a small keyboard below the comment box on Facebook. With just one click, you can add any of the various emoticons you see on this keyboard. All these emoticons express different emotions and help you a lot when you run out of words or feel that the words will not be able to justify your true feelings. Stay silent and say it even better

The great thing about these Facebook emoticons is that they allow you to be expressive even when you are silent. You don’t use a single word yet you are able to express your inner feelings with these emoticons. If you are a Google Chrome user, this becomes the first extension to add a keyboard specifically for emoticons to the Facebook comments window. These emoticons come to your rescue at times when you feel shy or want to hide behind them because you can’t find the words to express your feelings. This is an extension that makes replying to comments a lot easier as you can just click on one of these emoticons and say it louder than any words you might have to type. It is an essential extension for all Facebook users. Version 3.0 is now available and measures only 2.05MB, so it doesn’t take up much space on your computer’s hard drive. One click on the smiling keyboard is all it takes to express your true feelings.

After downloading emoticons for Facebook, an emoticon will appear on your Facebook page every time you post comments. One click on this icon and you will see a large selection of emoticons. Select the most appropriate emoticon for the situation and it will be placed in your comments. Your friends will appreciate your expression which you can use instead of the words you have used to date. Imagine arguing with your best friend in class that you feel guilty and feel guilty. However, you still don’t want to apologize because you think your friend is also responsible for the fight that took place between you two. On the other hand, you can easily choose the sorry emoticon instead of spelling it out if you want to make peace with your girlfriend that you hurt because of your comments at last Sunday’s party.

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