Five Best Android Apps for Music

If you are just starting out with Android, finding quality apps on the market can be a daunting task. As of right now there are close to 300,000 apps to sort through on the Android Marketplace. Just to make it a little harder on you, a lot of the apps on the market are dated or of poor quality. Finding quality apps can be quite difficult which is why I have compiled this short list to help you get started on finding the best Android applications for your device.

1. App Brain – This app helps you find apps, but only the good ones. It filters Dogs Can Reduce Mental Health Issues out the bad and help you sort out the best Android has to offer. The search capabilities of this app are far superior to that of the marketplace. It allows you to search app type, filter by popularity, and filter by price. This is one of the first apps you install on your device. The best part is, it’s free!

2. Quick Settings – Searching through your device’s settings to adjust brightness, turn on wifi or GPS can be a chore. This app puts all of your most changed settings in one place. It’s fully customizable too! If you place this app on your home screen then you’re just one tap away from the most used settings on your device.

3. Tiny Flashlight – All it takes is one power outage for you to realize how useful this app is. It turns your camera flash or screen into a flashlight. In doing so, it saves some bumps, bruises or possibly a trip to the hospital by illuminating a dark place. Tiny Flashlight also has a widget for convenient control. To top it off, Tiny Flashlight includes a battery percentage monitor.

4. Colornote – Are you forgetful or absent minded (it’s OK to say yes – everyone is from time to time). Colornote allows you to place editable post-it notes on your homescreen to help curb some of that forgetfulness. It also comes with a checklist which is great for grocery shopping or other lists.

5. Smart Keyboard Pro – A keyboard will quite possibly be the most used app on your device so why not get the best? This keyboard is fully customizable and includes options like arrow keys and gestures that can’t be found elsewhere. This keyboard has so many options that it is hard to list the best ones and at under $3.00, it’s a steal!

By Richard
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