How to Find the Best Cargo Service in Indonesia


When you want to send a package or cargo to a destination in Indonesia, it’s crucial to find the best cargo service to meet your needs. While national courier services are generally fast and convenient, you should still compare different services. Some may offer more discounts and offices nearer your place of residence, which can be advantageous. In addition, you should check whether the agent you’re using is a member of a trade association.

SAP Express is a courier service that was founded in Jakarta in 2004 and has been in business for over 10 years. It offers two kinds of services – BEST and REG – and provides fast and reliable delivery for your packages. With its online and SMS tracking capabilities, you’ll be able to track your parcel’s status at any time. And with a low price, you can choose the most convenient way to send a package to Indonesia – 15-hour delivery.


SAP Express Courier Service: This courier service in Jakarta was established in 2004. It provides quality services to the Indonesian people. Its BEST service is the fastest way to send packages to Indonesia and has the widest COD network in the country. Its REG service also offers online and SMS tracking. Its 15-hour delivery is among the best in the industry. And its REG service offers a wide range of shipping options, including ocean freight.


TiKi: This is one of the oldest names in the delivery industry. Established in 1970, it shares the same management with JNE. It offers five reliable services, including Same-Day and One Night service, covering 98% of all postal codes in Indonesia. If you’re shipping a parcel to Indonesia, make sure to choose a courier that can provide a tracking service for your package. If you’re looking for a domestic courier, you can always use JNE or Tiki.

TiKi is the oldest name in delivery in Indonesia. It was established in 1970 and shared the same management with JNE. It offers 5 reliable services, including Same-Day and One Night services. It covers 98% of all postal codes in Indonesia. Its specialized team of professionals has been working in the delivery business for over 40 years. It provides services for imports and exports to Indonesia, and also offers domestic and international cargo delivery.

JAS Indonesia has been in business for over a decade and employs more than a hundred professional team members. They focus on air and sea transportation, domestic services, licensed custom house brokerage, and distribution. In addition to delivering your parcel to Indonesia, JAS also offers a range of specialty services. Those who want to send specialty items to Indonesia can use their services. Among these are food products, groceries, and condiments.

cek ongkir JNE trucking is one of the oldest names in delivery in Indonesia. Founded in 1990, it was previously part of the TiKi group. The company provides 4 types of services: OKE, REG, and SS. For the same-day delivery service, TiKi can be very fast. It also has two-day and overnight services. With these three, you can choose the best cargo service to ship your goods.

TiKi is one of the oldest and most reliable delivery companies in Indonesia. It has dozens of experienced team members and covers 98% of the postal codes in Indonesia. Besides, it has a wide range of services that are convenient and affordable. For example, it has a Same-Day Delivery option. In addition, it can deliver specialty items. If you’re looking for a courier service, TiKi is a good option.

SiCepat is the oldest delivery company in Indonesia. It was founded in 2004 and has been in the industry for over 40 years. It has a reliable courier service that provides 1-2-day delivery in most areas of the country. The company has 14 big branches throughout Indonesia and offers a SMS tracking system. Its prices are competitive. Moreover, you can save money with the services. This means that the most important thing for you is to choose the best cargo service in Indonesia is your satisfaction.

If you’re shipping small items, you can try the China Post Service. Its cargo has reasonable delivery record in Indonesia. They’ve delivered my items without damage. Depending on the size and weight of my packages, I’ll probably go for air freight. A package can take anywhere from three to fifteen days. But it’s best to know the exact time before you order it. Then, choose the best cargo service for your needs.


By Richard
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