Infrared Energy to Detoxify

This month, I will be writing about something exciting and new that I’ve had the chance to experience. Far-infrared technology is what I am referring to. Let’s examine the reasoning behind it.

We have known since the dawn of time that the sun’s energy has been essential for our health. While too much UV radiation from sunlight can be harmful, too little can lead to depression, known as “seasonal effect disorder”. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to vitamin D deficiency, which is known as “rickets” for growing children.

Infrared energy, which is invisible in the visible spectrum of light emitted from the sun, is a portion of that spectrum. Far infrared energy penetrates deep into the body, while most visible light can be blocked. Other ways to heat the body can also be problematic, like a steam sauna, which requires you to sweat a lot, or a hot tub with toxic disinfectants. Far infrared energy is pure energy that penetrates deeply into the body. It is located just below the visible spectrum. It penetrates deep because of its long wavelength. To quickly see how transparent your skin is, hold a flashlight under one’s outstretched arm and you will notice that visible light penetrates some far infrared heating pads.

I was intrigued by far infrared saunas and met some vendors at a health fair. People who had used it reported significant improvements in their health, including better sleep, clearer thinking, and behavior improvement in children. Saunas help to eliminate toxic buildup and allow for natural healing to take place. It does this by dilation of blood vessels and capillaries, increasing circulation and transporting nutrients in and out. It increases cardiac output, which accelerates metabolism. Many people have experienced relief from rheumatism or arthritis symptoms.

Recent research compared steam sauna and far infrared sweat. Users of steam saunas had sweat that was between 95 and 97 percent water. Far infrared sauna users had sweat that was 80 to 85 percent water. The rest was cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy Metals (such as aluminum and mercury), sodium, ammonia and uric acid. This is the same link that chelation therapy uses to transport material out of the body.

I’ve had the opportunity to personally experience the benefits and was impressed. A twenty-to forty minute stay in a far-infrared sauna can be a wonderful complement to chiropractic care. I would love to share the healing properties of this sauna with you. If you are reading this article from outside Longmont, I can help you find affordable places to buy infrared products.

I am pleased to announce the addition a personal-sized far infrared sauna. A radiant half-cylinder is placed above your head, and you lie down on your back. This mode of far-infrared therapy is the most concentrated. The environment is surrounded by fresh linens, and you wear sweats. You can call or email me to learn more.

By Richard
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