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Of path,Guest Posting dying as a unbeliever when expiring is the most intense worry for a Muslim. One day some of his fans requested Junayd al-Baghdadi hazrats that “Sir, what is the greatest haji plus trouble for a Muslim?” He ordered that “The maximum vital difficulty for a Muslim is to depart this global as a believer. For this motive, it wishes to dread and shudder a lot from leaving the sector as an unbeliever”

Islamic scholars ordered that “the only who doesn’t worry to die as an unbeliever, dies as an unbeliever”. For this cause, now not to die as a unbeliever, you need to dread dying as an unbeliever.
# It is needed to thank Allah for the faith benefaction

Allah (swt) produced limitless benefactions for human. But faith and Islam are the most brilliant and essential benefactions that Allah has granted to human. Through them, the arena existence of human turns into peaceful and happy, he is beaten with endless benefactions in lifestyles to return. For this purpose, human ought to thank Allah for the benefactions he had. Abu Khanife hazrats ordered that : “It is needed to thank Allah for benefaction of faith not to die as an unbeliever.”

It is ordered in the verses from the Qur’an that:

“What can Allah benefit by your punishment, if ye are grateful and ye agree with?” [Nisaa, 147]

“If ye are thankful, I will add more (favors) unto you; but if ye show ingratitude, truely My punishment is terrible indeed.” [Ibrahim, 7]

In other words, reward is a totally important motive for a benefaction now not to be lost, at the contrary to be extended. For this reason, it’s far needed to thank Allah a lot for “Faith” which is the maximum essential benefaction. It is informed that every time Rasulullah (s.A.W.) perform an ablution, after proceeding and earlier than appearing an ablution, prays saying:

“I thank Allah, who has rendered water as cleaner and Islam as a heavenly light and commemorated me with faith and Islam.”

Thus, human praises as a minimum 3 to 5 instances to his creator for faith benefaction he had.
# Mother’s and father’s emotions should not be harm

Dear readers, one of the issues inflicting to leave the arena as an unbeliever is to harm mom’s and father’s emotions, and displease them. The distresses suffered via dad and mom can not be perceived earlier than being parents in my opinion. Especially our mother has unique rights on us. That’s why, we need to be so respectful to our mother and father, and by no means motive to hurt them, try to do kindness on all activities. It is ordered in the verses from the Qur’an that:

“We have enjoined on guy kindness to his mother and father.” [Ahqaf, 15]

“and that ye be kind to mother and father. Whether one or both of them attain antique age in thy lifestyles, say not to them a phrase of contempt, nor repel them, however deal with them in terms of honor.” [Isra, 23]

It is ordered inside the hadiths that:

“The finest right proprietor on human; his mom is for man, her husband is for lady.” [Hakim]

“The most righteous act after the salat completed in time is to do dad and mom a kindness” [Muslim]

“The kindness executed to mom and mom converts misfortune to happiness, lengthens the life, protects human from horrific death” [Abu Nuaym]

“If those, disobedient to his mother and father, prays for them once they died, Allah considers them as those who had been obedient to his mother and father ” [Ibn Abiddunya]
# Alkama’s tale

Since mother and father’s right is extraordinarily critical trouble, those brushing off this right face a first rate hazard like dying as an unbeliever. The tale of Alkama from Salaf-i Salihin is the maximum exemplary example in terms of this difficulty.

By Richard
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