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The theme park is set to open this year and for those tesla accessories who have never had the thrill of driving or even being in a Ferrari there are rides that have been designed to emulate the feeling of driving a Formula 1 car. It is the first of its kind and is a must see for all Ferrari fans. The theme park is located in Abu Dhabi which is a great selling point in itself and it was chosen as the destination to build the park because of the popularity of the sport.

Last seasons Formula 1 race was monumental as it took place under the floodlights and the sparkling night sky. The race has thrown Abu Dhabi on to the Formula 1 map and is considered one of the main reasons why Ferrari has chosen to build the theme park there. There will be around 20 thrilling rides including the world’s fastest rollercoaster taking passengers on speeds up to 200kmh. This is one theme park where you will definitely get your money’s worth.

It takes all visitors through the glorious history of the company with a detailed timeline of cars that have been produced. There is reportedly going to be a driving school where you can actually take a Ferrari for a spin and this is where many people’s dreams will come true as you get to drive on of your all time favourite cars. Even if you are not particularly a Ferrari fan you will have the experience of a lifetime at the new theme park.

Prices are yet to be confirmed but something tells me that it is not going to cheap so if this sounds like the best holiday ever then I would recommend you start saving sooner rather than later. For all Ferrari fans keep an eye out for official opening dates and prices. It is unknown whether other super cars such as Lamborghini and Porsche are going to follow suit but they may just sit back and see how successful Ferraris attempt is first.


By Richard
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