Online Betting: Terms You Must Know

Online sports betting is simple. All you need is a betting account, a reliable bank account, and the wage category you want to bet in. Keep in mind that sports betting is a form of gambling, and just like any other wagering game, you can lose or win.

The jargon of online sports betting can be complicated, especially for those who are new to the field ดัมมี่ Many of the most commonly used terminology, concepts, and methods in online sports betting are listed in the glossary below.


It refers to the total amount of money you should invest. When it comes to sports betting, the only way to make more money is to use the money you already have and the sum of money you’ve set aside to gamble on sports is your bankroll.

Betting Line

It refers to a point spread, often known as betting odds. A betting line is a type of wager in which the bookmaker determines the favored and underdog teams in a match by setting gambling odds. This handicap establishes a margin between the two teams, with only two possible results, and establishes the wagering parameters for the game.


It is also known as a sportsbook or the folks who create betting odds. A bookmaker, often known as a bookie or turf accountant, is a company or individual that accepts and pays bets on sporting and other events at predetermined odds.

Betting Exchange

A betting marketplace where users compete against each other rather than a sportsbook. A tiny proportion of winning wagers is taken by the exchange operator. This is frequently regarded as the most efficient sports betting market.


Customers are given a money bonus by sportsbooks for a variety of reasons. The most common technique to entice bettors to utilize a specific sportsbook is to provide a registration bonus.

House Edge

The House Edge is a term that refers to the mathematical advantage that the gambling game, and thus the commercial gambling venue, has over you over time while you play. This advantage guarantees the venue a certain percentage return over time while guaranteeing you a certain percentage loss on your wager.


Hedging is when you wager on the opposite side of your original bet in order to either guarantee a profit or limit your losses. This is most commonly done with futures bets.

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