Past Life Regression – Does History Repeat Itself?

Have you ever felt a robust unexplainable appeal or repulsion to a region you have in no way visited? Have you ever dreamt of being any other man or woman in a distinctive time and region, but it felt very real and had no fantasy elements to it? Or perhaps you have an unfounded phobia that can not be traced to any events on this lifestyles?

When traditional remedy and western remedy are not able to result in the solutions to those questions, a few human beings are turning to Past Life Regression.
Past Life Regression is the manner of utilizing hypnosis to explore a past lifestyles. There is a developing interest in Past Life Regression Therapy, as evidenced by using the publicity and reputation of authors including Brian Weiss  past life regression  on suggests like Oprah.

Aside from curiosity, why explore beyond lives in any respect? The poet and philosopher George Santayana said “Those who can not consider the past are condemned to repeat it.” While most folks in standard do no longer don’t forget all or any of our past lives even as in waking cognizance, we are able to get entry to those past lives beneath hypnosis to assist us with our modern-day life classes.

You could assume that the majority who come for a beyond life regression need to verify that they were as soon as the King of England or possibly Marilyn Monroe. Honestly, no consumer has ever come to verify a well-known former lifetime (as a minimum now not to my information!) In reality, I haven’t begun to experience a client regress again to a lifetime as a well-known man or woman.

Of the clients I see, the maximum commonplace cause that people come for a beyond lifestyles regression is to explore the root cause of an problem that can not be traced to any event inside the cutting-edge lifetime. Many human beings additionally come for further knowledge of relationships with key human beings in their lives, like own family contributors or romantic partnerships.

In reality, past lifestyles regression has a number of precious healing functions. Here is a list excerpted from the e-book “Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners” with the aid of Mary Lee LaBay:
• Cycles of Behavior – Viewing the cycles and styles of behavior habitual in the course of many lifetimes grants greater angle on our precise quirks, conduct, struggles, fears, selections, hopes and dreams.
• Physical Healing – In many cases, the fitness problems we enjoy on this life have roots that increase into other lifetimes. For this purpose, past existence regression can provide facts vital to recovery bodily symptoms.
• Unexplained Pain – Unexplained pains and syndromes, continual ache and contamination, birthmarks, and other fitness-related phenomena often have their roots in other lifetimes.
• Phobias – A regression can also monitor the roots of phobias or different emotional blocks. Sometimes clearly having information of the relevant past existence enjoy might be enough to shift the power, allowing a breakthrough or recuperation to arise.

There are many other regularly sudden blessings including:

• Overcoming the concern of dying. If you experienced demise and knew for certain which you lived on, might you still be afraid?
• Staying linked to our cherished ones. Experiencing crossing over affirms the continuity of existence. One of the hardest things approximately death is losing the relationship and presence of these whom we adore. One of my happiest classes changed into with a consumer who had currently lost a toddler. To revel in a former lifetime with this baby’s soul and to know that they’ll meet again turned into so restoration for this client. There is so much reassurance and alleviation to see our loved ones there on the opposite side and to recognise we’ve got not virtually misplaced them.
• Discovering your internal power. All souls have lived at the least a few (typically many) tough lives. Sometimes we go through. When you re-enjoy prior struggles and are available to understand that you have survived so much already, modern-day challenges end up extra bearable. You recognize that “this too shall bypass.”
• Tapping into your inner information. Even in our present lifestyles, the intensity of a lesson can fade with time. Revisiting past existence events can awaken tough-earned yet buried know-how. As you hook up with and integrate all of the pieces of your entire self, you could reclaim more strength and cognizance.
• Accessing capabilities and skills from former lives. You have transferable abilities out of your past existence. You do not lose the competencies evolved or awareness received from former lives. Sometimes these abilities may be energetic at an early age, wherein case society would possibly label this toddler a prodigy or a genius. Other instances these skills may lie dormant and may be brought on via reliving beyond lifestyles stories.


In a typical past existence regression session, you may be guided right into a deep relaxation. The practitioner will help you in mentally enjoyable your entire body after which focusing inward. There are many methods and imagery for getting you back to the beyond life, along with stairs or a hallway or tunnel. In fashionable, you’re given a proposal to move again to a lifetime that’s relevant to the issues you’re currently going through.

You then go to a few key studies in that lifetime, as well as the loss of life scene. After the dying scene you may evaluation what turned into won from that lifetime and the way it is able to assist you for your contemporary life. After the session you may typically consider the whole lot. Some practitioners also offer recordings of your consultation for later evaluate.


If you don’t have get entry to to a beyond existence regressionist to your area, you can paintings on uncovering your beyond lives via your self with these techniques:

• Self-hypnosis – You can do record your self reading a beyond lifestyles regression script and play it returned
• Dreaming – You can direct your cognizance to deliver you a beyond existence memory thru your dream. Everything you’ve got ever experienced is stored in your consciousness. Your aware mind which specializes in the outer global blocks most of this facts even as you are conscious so that you can cognizance and characteristic to your normal lifestyles. At night time the clear out from your aware thoughts rests while you sleep and you are extra receptive to the messages of your subconscious and superconscious minds. Simply preserve the purpose to keep in mind a beyond life as you fall asleep. Leave a notepad and a pen subsequent on your bed and file your dream first element within the morning.
• Meditation – Meditation obviously faucets into your complete self and facilitates greater consciousness. Meditating on a everyday foundation seems to stimulate spontaneous past life consider in some people.