Saint Hubertu Charms and Sterling Silver Pendants – The Same Or Different?

Sterling silver Saint Hubertu has been an art form for a very very long time since before your Great great great great Grand Mother and Father were roaming around looking for it. First Saint Hubertu can look very similar. The price is often set by the value of the silver, but more likely by the look of the particular item, or who made it or even who the designer was. There are many factors that are Saint Hubertus Medal figured in before the final price goes on an item. The price is not the difference between Pendants and Charms because they are both subject to the same criterion.

Would you feel out of it showing up at a party of the artist’s guild and be wearing on a necklace as a Pendant the charm you got for the blue ribbon at the State Fair and had Saint Hubertu always worn it as one of the charms on your bracelet. The question that comes to my mind is plainly straightforwardly asked. What is the difference between a Sterling Silver Pendant and a Sterling Silver Charm? Well upon asking around and looking into it, they are probably the same thing, at least they are now. For all practical purposes they are the same. Most things evolve around common usage. It only makes sense to use the Charm that was such an achievement and so closely related to the theme of the whole party.

It should not make any difference if it was Saint Hubertu bought as a Pendant to hang on a necklace or as a Charm to be worn on a bracelet. If it makes sense use it, they are the same. Go into one store and see a beautiful what they are calling a silver pendant, then go into a different store and see it called a silver charm for every occasion. Back in our ancestors’ day, perhaps a more noble era, a Pendant usually was associated with some organization or religious group. A Saint Christopher silver medal, or a Motka Boska medal, or a Saint Saint Hubertu Jude Thaddeus medal or a saint Francis of Assisi medal were all called Pendants. An Espree de Core metal was a Marine Corp Pendant and same for metals for the Army, Navy, and Air Force which were often worn with ones dog tags. If one were in the navy and gave his sweet heart his Navy Pendant and she wore it on her bracelet that would totally by appropriate. Maybe you took a trip to New York and bought a tiny replica of the Empire State Building to hang on your bracelet. Maybe you learned to play tennis and you purchased a silver replica of a tennis racket again to be hung on your Charm bracelet. If you had the chance to attend an appropriate function where it would be accepted, the use of the charm on a necklace only makes sense. Because of common use and acceptance Charms are Pendants, and Pendants are Charms.


By Richard
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