Selling More High Priced Gym Memberships And Saying No To The Low Price Gym Membership Mindset

I have thought about my own gym for years so what I am about to tell you here has countless hours and thought put into it. I own my own fitness studio at my house where I train a very small client base. It is mainly a place where I like to provide one on one training with those clients who are visiting from my online training business.

To begin with and just an idea when considering if you workoutpro should or can start a gym in your area be sure to think about a niche group you may want to target for your gym. Pregnant women? Guys preparing for basic training in the military or fire fighter certification or police certification training? Corrective Exercise to target those with back problems and those wanting to be more mobile as they age? Pilates? Women?

I have a friend Tucson who has a gym in her house which it is more like a training studio where she trains mainly women about her same age (mid 40s). She does quite well with it. However, Tucson has 500,000 people living there. You have to target those who need your service but also who can pay you. Even if there is a huge need for training let’s say pregnant women it does no good if the majority of your target population are unable to afford your service. Be sure to look at who lives in your area, is interested in getting into shape, and who can afford the $50.00 to $100.00 per hour required to make your business profitable and sustainable. Group training maybe a good way to go as well. Group training involves you getting 2-3 clients who want personal training but can’t afford $100.00 per hour. This way they can all pitch in for the hour and train together at ~ $30.00 per hour each.

In terms of equipment you may want to seriously consider kettlebells, TRX Systems, and/or Band Training, and medicine balls. This is the wave of the future when it comes to gym equipment and it is also substantially cheaper than machines. Think movement training, not isolation training which is associated with costly machines that are already on the way out.

One big investment you MAY THINK you should get is a high end treadmill due to the weather conditions in your area in the winter. However, you are going to find that for most people you train there in your area they are either not able to run or don’t want to run. I personally feel that treadmills are overrated especially when considering what you get for the money. I have a Concept II Rowing Machine which allows just about anyone to get in a very hard cardio workout without the trauma that running causes and gives the same cardio benefits running does. The Concept II only costs about $800.00 as apposed to $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 for a decent treadmill. For ideas on how to use a Concept II rower for training visit the Crossfit site and just do a search for Concept II Rower. I love Concept II rower and it is made in America and is a high quality commercial machine for under $1,000.00. Best of all it works all posterior muscles and is the exact opposite movement you get in cycling or running so it is perfect from a health standpoint since it hits the transverse plane of motion rather than the frontal plane.

Again, think movement training not isolation training. Machines isolate movement and will soon be looked at as dinosaurs. Hope this helps. Avoid spending large amounts of money for equipment since it will soon be outdated and the overhead cost is going to be tough to deal with in terms of profit margins. Best of luck with opening your gym or fitness studio.


By Richard
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