The tech you need to integrate to supercharge your conversion rates

Perhaps more than anything, managing an ecommerce website is about managing customer expectations and desires. Everyone has their preferences when shopping online, their likes and dislikes; but with the right tech stack, you can make sure your visitors are so satisfied they’ll become customers.

We’ve thought about some of the most effective, but understated, additions to your tech stack which will boost your conversion rates.


Did you know that  ? It’s a statistic that’s not to be scoffed at, especially when you consider it’s not just about that first order – it’s about creating such a personal experience that you retain customers.

Integrating a personalisation platform such as uses machine learning to analyse online and offline activity of shoppers. That allows for personalised product recommendations within your website, emails, and other channels.

It’s not just products, either; many ecommerce integration platform  personalisation platforms will change visuals such as images, themes, and colours, to match individual customers. Perhaps one of your customers is always buying green shirts – parts of your website might take that into account and start showing green to entice that person.

By making visitors feel like your website is speaking to them, you’ll quickly boost your conversion rates.

Automated SMS and email messaging

This might sound like a simple suggestion, but it’s often underestimated how much a quick reminder, alert, or message can impact someone going through with their purchase.

, and often the reason is as simple as they just forgot, or thought they had finished the transaction when they hadn’t (let’s face it, we’ve all been there). It’s a serious problem with a simple solution, and we’re always shocked to see how few companies utilise automated SMS and email alerts.

In a world of smartphone popularity, SMS is particularly effective.

Payment options

One of the biggest benefits ecommerce has over physical stores is flexibility. People want options when they shop, and by integrating a variety of payment methods with your platform, you can easily boost your conversion rates.

For example, implementing a buy-now-pay-later system  simply by opening up new routes for people who perhaps can’t afford to purchase something upfront.

There’s also digital wallets you can integrate such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Paypal so customers can checkout more quickly without having to input their card or log into their online banking.

Boosting conversion rates for an ecommerce store is, more than anything, about creating a seamless and convenient experience for the customer; 97% of consumers say they’ve abandoned a purchase due to an inconvenient checkout process. By integrating more payment options, you’re making things quicker and easier for your visitors.

Business intelligence (BI)

BI is one of the most versatile and useful tools to integrate with your business, and yet the global adoption rate is just 26%. If you’re trying to supercharge your conversion rates, and you’re currently relying on basic analytics software such as Google Analytics, it might be worth looking into a more elaborate solution.

Most best-of-breed BI platforms will feature a concise dashboard showing all of your data in one place in context with each other. ‘Conversion rate’ is one of the main metrics you’ll be keeping an eye on, but various other KPIs will feed into that, affecting your performance.

For example, you can see how long customers are spending on each page and their journey. If there’s a trend of people clicking on one page then immediately leaving the website, that could be a sign that there’s some UX issues with that part of the store.

You can also look at customer retention data to make more informed decisions about how to create loyal customers. For more information on the different metrics which can help you boost your conversion rates, take a look at our article on the

Loyalty systems

Speaking of customer retention, one of the best ways to boost your conversion rate is to focus on improving customer loyalty. The probability of successfully selling to an existing customer

That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to retain your customers. Integrating a loyalty platform like Loyalty Lion lets you offer rewards to customers who stick with you, encouraging them to do repeat purchases.

It could manifest by having certain actions on your website provide points, and when someone reaches a certain amount, they get a discount or even free items to thank them for their business.

By building long-term relationships with your customers, you’re directly benefiting your conversion rates.

For all of these solutions to work, you need to have a well-integrated tech stack. Patchworks is an experienced integration and software solution provider, and we work with hundreds of partners to ensure our clients are getting the best service possible.

By Richard
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