Top 3 Celebrity News-delevan 2010

2010, like any other year, was full of events featuring celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the top news of this year’s celebrities that are almost over:

Sandra Bullock Leaves Jesse James: A few days after Sandra wins the Oscar for the movie The Blind Side, Sandra has a tragic blind side. Sandra learned that in her worst way, her 5-year-old husband, Jesse James, was fooling her. To make matters worse, he not only tricked her, but also tricked her with some women. And what’s worse, she took some of these “other women” to their mutual friends.

All that tragic aspect is that Sandra was the Queen of the award season, and she got her wonderful marriage as the reason why her character was able to get the love and sensibilities needed to win the award. I sincerely acknowledged. She showed a lot of love and gratitude to her husband in a very public way, but the tabloids revealed that he was living a secret life behind her. Sandra soon left Jesse, filed for her divorce, and later revealed that she was alone overseeing the baby they secretly adopted. So the world not only knew that the marriage was over, but at the same time knew about the baby!

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have babies. After living in hell for nearly two years, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have announced they are daijah wright expecting a baby. The news was particularly exciting after the premature death of her 16-year-old son Jet. Jet suffered from many physical problems and disabilities and died as a result of a head injury. In addition to this loss, Travats had to fight a blackmail case in which people tried to blackmail their money. The incident had a major impact on their well-being, but they recovered personally and throughout their careers with the help of family and friends. A few days ago, it was announced that Kelly gave birth to give birth to her new baby.

Gary Coleman’s Death: The generation was saddened when her child actor, Gary Coleman, died of a cerebral hemorrhage this year. Gary was known and loved in the 1970s and 1980s, first in commercials and then in Diffrent Strokes. He was one of the greatest and most powerful child stars of his time. Unfortunately, his success lasted only until his adulthood. He did a lot of weird work as he claimed he went bankrupt and his parents spent his money. At the time of his death, he had not spoken to his parents for more than 20 years due to a proceeding. Gary reunited with his estranged wife when he died. Despite speculation about cheating, his wife was acquitted of the crime.

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