Top Ten Golf Tournaments Of 201

  • Arguably, in golfing there may be in all likelihood no better match than US Masters Golf Tournament. Though it’s miles one of the 4 majors of the golf calendar it has always been considered the maximum important important championship of all of them. The records and lifestyle of the masters golfing event is known and some thing the club protects fiercely. Below are a few points which have made the event so prestigious and famend.

    First of all the home of The Masters has usually been Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia, in the United States. That has been a lifestyle due to the fact that The Masters changed into established in 1934 by way of Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, who additionally helped layout the route along side the architect Alister Mackenzie, and to at the moment the tournament is played at Augusta each 12 months. The US Golf Masters Tournament is one of the oldest golfing tournaments within the global. This match is and has usually been an invite handiest occasion, where individuals of the Augusta golf equipment committee invite the golfing gamers who they have got chosen to compete inside the match. Because of this, the amount of gamers competing at Augusta are much less than the ones in other foremost golfing championships.

    Another important conventional and symbolic part of the masters golfing match is the inexperienced jacket. The eventual winner, aside from getting the coveted trophy and a large sum in prize money, is likewise given a inexperienced jacket that is truely the professional apparel worn by contributors of the Augusta National whilst they’re at the club grounds. Thus, other than winning a primary championship, every winner is also made an honorary member of the club. Also part of the way of life is that the champion of the preceding 12 months enables the new champion in setting on the inexperienced jacket at the belief of the masters golf tournament. The green jacket is one of the most symbolically extensive elements of this golfing principal. Also the winner of the masters golf tournament is mechanically certified to the other 3 predominant championships for the subsequent 5 years and the masters golfing event for their lifetime. One of the more arguable traditions of the Augusta masters golf club isn’t granting club to women. Though there were various debates and protests against it, the lifestyle stands and the club still doesn’t supply club to ladies.

    So there is some arguable and some properly cherished traditions of the The Masters golfing event, which all upload to the prestige and intrigue around the event and this might be why it remains the most important event at the golfing calendar each year. All the golfing greats have won there, including more than one wins through golfing legends like Jack Nicklaus (who holds the document of maximum wins at 6), Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. Winning The Masters is the biggest honor for any golfer within the worl

By Richard
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