User Guide forAir Track

This user guide or a user manual will give you enough instructions for using and handling your air track. Before using your air track, you need to read it thoroughly.

Safety Instructions

These safety Instructions can be applied to any type of inflatable air track mat.

  • Air Tracks are training equipment that are designed customarily for tumbling, martial arts, parkour, cheerleading, gymnastics, and tricking.
  • Do not try to do any of the above stated activity with your shoes on an air track mat.If you want more grip then you can use soaks.
  • Do not place air track under a surface that has obstacles, like power lines, trees, or also do not use them over slopes.
  • Do not use sharp things near an air track or over an air track it can cause damage and cut it too.
  • Also make sure that your air track has recommended air pressure for better usage and bounces otherwise its life time will decrease and it also causes to damage it as soon as possible.
  • Do not try to use it in rain. It can be harmful for you and for the quality of an air track too.

Hence, the above instructions manual can be applied to any kind of air track. This can help you to avoid any damage to your air track and to yourself too. You can get your best air track mat from Kameymalls’ brand as it is selling best air track mats with wide variety of other products also.

By Richard
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