What Are Power Cords?

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The term “power cord” means the cable that supplies power to an electrical appliance. These cords can be used for various purposes, including information technology equipment and consumer products. These cords are also used for outdoor use and in hazardous locations. They have a ground wire that is usually green in color in North America and yellow in other countries. In general, power cords are used to connect your electronic device to its main electrical supply line. In the case of a battery-powered appliance, you may need a separate cord to charge the battery.

The plug patterns of power cords vary depending on the country of origin. If you’re unsure of the correct plug pattern, refer to the Interpower Guide to Worldwide Plug Patterns. You can also refer to a guide about the plugs’ types to make sure you’re buying the right one. Generally, Japanese power cords don’t have a Class II plug, but they do have a Class I plug. When buying a power cord, be sure to ask for a certification of compliance with the RoHS and REACH.

IEC 60320 is an international standard that specifies the electrical characteristics of power cord appliances. While different countries use different standards, they all recognize IEC 60320 as the global standard. Connectors used in IEC 60320 are designated with the letter “C.” These cords are classified according to voltage, current, temperature, and type. For instance, a C13 cord is designed for computers and monitors, while a C15  Streamer Lights cord is made for devices that require a higher electrical current.

When it comes to locking power cords, there are a few types. First of all, the lug/ring terminal is often used to attach the stripped end of a non-detachable cord. It is composed of a metallic ring that slips over a screw or power terminal post. Then, you slip the ring over one of the wires in the power cord. You may need a crimp tool to attach the ring to the non-detachable end of the cord.

NEMA power cords come in different configurations for receptacles and plugs. They can be NEMA 5-15P or NEMA 6-20P. Popular models include 50A and 30A plugs. Other common cord types include C1 and C15, which are the same in shape but have different electrical characteristics. If you are buying a power cord for an appliance, make sure it meets the specific standards for the country where the appliance is located.

Another type of cord is called a power cord splitter. This type of cord allows you to plug in multiple tools to the same electrical outlet. These cords are designed to meet the requirements of other electrical appliances, and are generally code-compliant. For the convenience of your customers, MEGA offers these cords at competitive prices. The company also carries a comprehensive inventory, which includes many types and styles of power cords. With its ISO 9001 production facilities in Guangdong, China, and design facilities in New Brunswick, it is capable of supplying quality power cord products at affordable prices.

By Richard
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