What Are the Best Additions to the iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 offers superb camera performance, quick performance and fantastic battery life for a very affordable price, which makes it the ideal iPhone to purchase by most consumers. Nearly a year since release the iPhone 11 still remains one of the top phones for your money. The iPhone 11 comes with two displays, a large one with large buttons and a small one with tiny buttons. Each display has a wide viewing area including iPhone’s FaceTime video chatting option as well as a larger keyboard. The smaller one has less buttons and a bigger keypad. This keyboard includes volume controls, brightness options, system menu, pinch and zoom functions, speaker controls and Apple’s dock connector.

The iPhone 11 offers two wide-angle camera iphone 11 modes, namely, portrait mode and landscape mode. In portrait mode the iPhone 11 finds the most practical use as the mode is capable of taking pictures in both still and portrait mode at the same time without any significant change in quality. For landscape mode, the iPhone 11 offers two options, either its normal narrow-angle lens or the wide-angle lens fitted in the iPhone’s FaceTime camera. In either case, the wide-angle lens captures a wider and greater amount of subject matter during each shot, thus enabling you to take pictures with more subjects and with better clarity when light conditions are not optimal.

As for the front-facing camera, the iPhone 11 comes with both a normal and FaceTime camera with an option for single or double image capture. However, the one discussed here, the double image capture option of the iPhone 11 allows you to capture two images using the front-facing camera. This feature allows you to create a photo collage by combining two images taken with the iPhone 11.

Apart from the basic functionality, the iPhone 11 incorporates a brand new feature which is dubbed as the iid. The iid is an electronic fingerprint scanner which works much like the biometrics used in many of today’s electronic devices. Upon holding the iPhone 11 near the sensor, it will prompt you to enter a five-digit random password. You need to enter the same password every time you take a photo with the iPhone 11 to enable it to synchronize with your facial recognition data in the event you lose your facial recognition data.

Another notable feature of the iPhone 11 is the improved iPhone’s contrast ratio. In comparison to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, the iPhone 11 has a much improved contrast ratio that offers clearer and brighter images. It also displays brighter text on the iPhone’s screen, including app icons, navigation buttons, and contact details. The contrast ratio improvement in the iPhone 11 improves upon the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 in terms of image processing power and screen size. The result is that iPhone users now have a bigger and taller viewing area which better suits the taller iPhone’s tall display style.

Finally, the iPhone 11 introduces two new features which weren’t present in previous iPhones. One is the enhanced FaceID system which requires the user to apply a thin invisible mask over their face so that they can use their facial features such as blinks and squinting to recognize their commands. The second is the improved iPhone’s Wide Color Access which allows users to access more colors and select a wider range of colors when displaying content. In fact, the iPhone 11 can now display up to five times more colors than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

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