What to look for in a vertical jump training system

So you are thinking of starting a vertical jump training system. As with any type of exercise or training program, you should contact your doctor or consult a trained professional before you start exercising to jump higher. The last thing you want to do is start your workout / exercise the wrong way and hurt yourself. That wouldn’t be good.
The exercise you choose must also match your current level of fitness. Don’t overdo it, this is the way people get hurt.
So what does the selection or start of a vertical jump training system include?
Let’s start with a highly nutritious diet. I’m not saying I’m overweight. The point here is to pack more energy into your body for the explosive jumping power needed to jump higher.

Let’s talk about some important leg exercises for higher jumps that need to be included in the vertical jump exercise system. Knee push-ups: Knee push-ups are exactly like leg squats. Start standing vertically with a slight arch on your hips, your arms on both sides, and  vertical jump training your legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly start lowering your hips to the floor until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground. Your position should be as if you were sitting in a chair. Then slowly rise to an upright position. Knee bend jump: Do this exactly as above. However, this time, when you return to the upright position, when you explode in a jumping motion, or when your foot touches the ground after jumping, you lower yourself.

Standing Calf Lift: To do this exercise, place your foot in the middle of one of the ladder steps, stand straight, lower your ankles as low as possible, and then stand on your toes. Remember to keep your legs and back straight.
These three leg exercises are great for increasing the leg strength needed to jump higher and should be included in the vertical jump exercise system.

Abdominal muscles: A strong core is essential. First, lay your back flat on the floor, bend your legs with your knees, lie down, slowly lift your chest and shoulders, and place only your abdomen on your knees. Squeeze your stomach, hold 3 points, and slowly lower your body.

Skipping Rope-This is a great aerobic exercise. Skipping rope is a great way to straighten your leg muscles and torso at the same time.
Always have a good training system of all kinds and don’t overdo it. If you set some goals yourself and try to reach them, this vertical jump training system will make you jump faster.

By admin
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